1st generation of the humate

Humates produced (to this day) on a mass scale namely from coal and from coaly wastes. Technologies in the whole world resemble and in principle result is same product, which from one another odd only step exoneration. On quality resulting product has also decisive influence base material. I in CR is established production very qualitative coaly humate, where employs like raw material Leonardit. Base material then clears and result is preparation, that contains that part humic materials, which in base material stayed. Acts about macro-molecular humic acids. Fulvic acids parts long since drift ashore. These humate have several basic common characteristic lynxs, from which by major is reality, that heavy thaws and contain sediment. Cleaner humate, by smaller sediment, is more expensive. These materials cannot be fully soluble and therefore have limited way of application in agriculture. Coal humate is supplied as a powder, in soda and potassium form, with content from 17 to the 90% humic materials (remark – reflects always only about high-molecular part in acid form). In the marketplace with these humate there are so - called „coaly special interest group", which often meat production less high - quality humate and their resulting export solving ecological problems of their countries. Prices of these humate materials depends on quality balances from 0.3 USD to the 14, - USD per kilogram.