2nd generation of the humate

Humate made from turf and sapropel (putrid mud). It is top - quality, feint concentrated solutions, very expensive for large-scale agricultural production, contain as a rule to the 8% humic materials (high-molecular part) as well as in light of logisticians as a matter of fact carries 92% waters, which raises the costs application already so expensive product. Price of these humates depending on quality balances from 8, - USD to the 35, - USD per litter. And again on quality of the product and decisive influence of the raw material price. Especially for lacustrine saprobel is problem with evenness qualities base material.

In both first generations of the humic materials must manufacturers solve problems with preliminary separation heavy metals and this technology increases costs of the final product. Also for this reason I assume that simplest way is the one, which production plant used, using raw materials, which have not neither heavy metals nor next harmful substances.