Base of its unique feature LignohumateTM has very wide spectrum of usage


  • souse root systems transplant plants (antistress effect, herbage are well enrooted)
  • grassing and maintenance of the grass, growing of the fodder grass
  • watering plants (favorable growth effect, anti-stress effect at dry atmosphere, frost or chemicals overloading)
  • leaf applications application (advanced agriculture – production vegetables, flowers, maintenance of the flower gardens, parks etc., has favorable growth effect plants, their storage and gustatory characteristics)
  • meristem laboratories (reproduction plants)
  • using with mineral fertilizers (lowers as far as about 25% dues fertilizers at preservation effect – has of principle influence over reduction logisticians at transportation fertilizers and averting escape of nutriments to the ground waters)
  • composts and accelerating decomposition of organic masses in soil - humification

animal production
Some sorts of our products are registered as a supplement nutrition for hen and broiler. For broiler escalate increment and lowers death rate, for layers protracts time collection.


Lignohumate absorbs in soil heavy metals and radionuclide and forbid them migrate to the food chain. Our company cooperates with biggest Russian companies cleaning soil from oil products.


Our company supplies products for well known Russian and Czech laboratories and companies

Our company offers cooperation to potential partners in all these directions.

Our product unique in the world is supplied in powdery or liquid form. Powdery form is soluble, it opens large scale of possibilities. Product can be distributed in concentrated powder in packing from 5 gramm/sachets (retail shops), 120 gramm/sachets (farm – application packing per 1-2 ha) and 20 kg for producers of fertilizers or stimulators.

Liquid form we can offer in different concentrations – from 6% (for small gardeners) in bottles 0,5 litre, 12% in 5 or 10 liter canns (farmers) and jumbo (750 – 1000 litres)