Therefore it is different from others humates:


  • material base is younger, therefore it was not natural influences washed – up most humic materials
  • raw material is of stabile quality, which enable us mass industrial production with quaranteed quality of the final product
  • technology is free of wastes – raw material is fully convertible
  • raw material has no contens of the heavy metals, which deceases the price of the final product
  • our product is the first product containing wide range of humic substances macro and micro-molecular elements of 90% in total
  • ratio of the macro and micro-molecular part can be adjusted during the production, standard ratio is 1 : 1
  • all components of our humic products are in form active salts of humic and fulvic acids
  • our product is fully soluble, without deadwood parts, therefore is predestinate to foil application like admixture to sustenance or chemical protection plants
  • thanks that, our preparation does not have inactive part, can be applied small doses - from 0,01 to the 0,05%, which as a matter of fact entails, that 1 kg Lignohumate can be enough on 2000 - 10 000 litres working solution. For example for potato, quantity for 1 hectare for two applications max 240 grames of the powder