What are humic substances

 To enable us clearly explain what is the meaning of “LignohumateTM” and “third generation of the humate”, I have to only in brief get in definition humate. Humate materials in itself constitute specific group macro-molecular and micro-molecular materials dark meat colors, which raise in the process of analysis the organic rest in soil, it entails in the process of their humification. Quantity of the carbon, which is bounded on humic acids soils, turf and coal, almost four times surpass quantity carbon blocked in organic material of all plants and animal in the whole world.

It is clearly proved, that humic matters filling - up in soil next function: storage, supply, regulation and protective. The project is just to obtain humic material, which has the same or at least similar features like natural humate.

This is the reason, why approximately thirty years the whole world precede intensive scientific research, with target of manufacturing humate in cleanest form. From commercial point of view is but questionable, how determine quality humic preparation. What then is as a matter of fact major factor, what constitution would had have effective material? It is everything open questions, which yet wasn't solved and I towards them return later.

From the chemist point of view humic matters, in short, have macro-molecular and micro-molecular part. According to our opinion, positive effect on plant we can get only at the time, where these two parts, as well as outdoor functions together, in complex and of course both these parts must be full of soluble!!! Macro-molecular parts functions positively on physiology herbage, but to the cellulite construction herbage get only thanks micro-molecular parts.

Next, irrefutable reality is that for obtaining of a great and long - term decree con not be obtained base on the biological features of the agricultural cultures only. Of course it is necessary to derive benefit from highly yielding variety, efficient manners agricultural techniques and agricultural practices, fertilization, but it is also impossible to stay without regulators growth plants, which extract at the end twentieth century commensurate meaning like pesticides and fertilizers.

In context with application contemporary technologies for intensification of the prosecution agricultural cultures to the vegetable production has question development technology, how obtain and derive benefit from adapted vegetative regulators always bigger meaning, above all in the area „risk" agriculture and zones with high - powered perennial exploitation soil. Often at the same time rises necessity stimulate development and escalate potential possibilities immunity plants against unfavorable climatic conditions.

These circumstances evoked over the last of several years active development of the market with supply concentrated to the humic materials. For example on the Western European market are humic materials stock list product and in the last years the volume of their wholesale sales raised several times. Basic consumers are countries, where are all the year hard derive benefit from soil in connection with intense natural humus decrease. Main manufacturers and consumers of the humate materials are USA, Australia, China and Russia. In himself Russia, where prime research was always high - level over the past 5 - 7 years raised volume of sale these preparation ten times. Biggest consumer humate on territory Russia are southern areas (e.g. Krasnodarsky limit), where long - term high - powered economy get to stressed soil appearance to high content inactive part agents wardships plants.